Saturday, 24 July 2010

Genesis Chapter Two

'Thus the heavens and the earth were finished . . .' Phew, God did a lot in a single chapter. I'm a slow coach. When the idea of publishing ebooks first occurred to me, I approached friend and colleague Carolyn McCurdie. She was immensely encouraging; heard me out, made sensible contributions; came with me to a digital conference in Christchurch. But nothing was quite fitting into place. It all seemed awkward and too hard.
    Carolyn went off to write a novel (which I'll be eager to read; her debut YA The Unquiet is delicately written and quietly powerful speculative fiction: 'There's only one planet that weaves into its spinning the wild thread of imagination. It touches everything we know.' ) And I went back to work, but keeping my antennae out, waiting for the time to ripen.
    It's certainly riper now, and I've taken July off to attend to editing, copy-writing, calling for stories, nutting out a contract and making lists. My brother, cartoonist and designer Hugh Todd in Sydney is creating the website.
    My greatest challenge will be marketing, especially to the US  where people actually own reading devices (now there's a topic for another day). 'Viral',  'social', 'personal', seem to be the buzzwords for the new methodology.
    I'm learning, I'm running to keep up, and mostly it's fun. I believe in the work I'm going to send out there.
    Some of you have tried and failed to send comments. I think I've fixed the problem so if you're with me still, please try again. Thanks!


Raymond Huber said...

Dear Penelope
I admire how you've boldly followed this path up hills and down rabbit holes to this first doorway – I hope you'll find many wonders in this looking-glass e-world!

Elena Bossi said...

Hi, Penelope! here the pintoresque English for your comment. Love, Elena

Elena Bossi said...
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Penelope said...

Thanks, Raymond and Elena.All admiration, well-wishing and pintoresque language is welcome here. x

Tim Jones said...

"The time has come," the Walrus said,
"To talk of many things:
Of social media strategies--
And e-book reading things--"

Penelope said...

I know, I know, Tim. 'Cabbages and kings' hold more direct appeal, but I'm getting there. :)