Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Perfect radio

Honestly, Dorothee Kocks should have married a radio. She's just spoken on Radio NZ National Nights with Bryan Crump. I was so proud, listening to her musical, intelligent, entertaining discourse, I remembered all over again what I love about The Glass Harmonica.

If you didn't hear her, please go and listen.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

On we go

Good news came this week in the form of a 'quick turnaround' grant from Creative New Zealand to help with the production of Slightly Peculiar Love Stories. It's a wonderfully eclectic collection (try saying 'eclectic collection six times quickly' six times quickly) that I'm happy to delve into any time. Most stories are now edited, with a handful awaiting final checks. My daughter Sophie is quirking up a cover; page designer Christine is standing by; page proofs will be sent to authors; Hugh will make website preparations; and poet and 'media maven' Helen Heath is going to consult with Rosa Mira Books and with any of our authors who are willing, to help us get niftier (and have more fun) with our use of social media.

Meanwhile, a print-on-demand version of The Glass Harmonica is being worked out. I can't deny that it will be exciting to see Dorothee's terrific novel in hard copy, enhanced by Christine's gorgeous cover design.

Meanwhile, also, I'm working with a couple of delectable manuscripts, figuring out as I go how to pay for that work. What's exciting about the new publishing climate (here I weave silk from gristle; conjure riches from apparent financial paucity) is that we are renegotiating as need arises: there are precious few rules, but plenty of ideas, enthusiastic people, and optimism. Okay, I'm being vague, but let's say the path remains firm underfoot, at least the next two steps of it.

Thank you to Creative NZ for that financial vote of confidence, and to each of you for ongoing encouragement that brightens and brings heart to the journey.