Thursday, 16 June 2011

Brenda Sue Cowley on coming to heel

Penelope: How strange. The image I'd formed of Brenda Sue since she sent her story to be considered for Slightly Peculiar Love Stories couldn't be more different from the one she sent yesterday of the athletic young person you see here. Nonetheless (or perhaps therefore) our exchanges have been lively, and I'm taken with the heart in her work.

Brenda Sue: I walk on tippy toes.  I've done it since childhood, as have many of my family members, leading me to believe it is a hereditary trait. 

Walking on tip-toes (usually reserved for puttering around the kitchen, slipping to the bathroom at night, climbing stairs ... and walking towards the computer) is a bad habit. 

It also has adverse physical effects such as (but not limited to) the deterioration of the arch in the foot and the shortening of the Achilles' heel — making it even more of a weakness. 

I met Penelope while walking on tippy toe. A very close friend had died an untimely and earth-shattering death, two years ago this summer.  Someone stepped into my life, and plugged me into a writing group here in Salt Lake City, Utah.  And that is where I met a woman named Dorothee Kocks. I tip-toed towards Dorothee (The Glass Harmonica), a new friend at the time, who quickly became a life-long friend.  Dorothee felt I might have something for Penelope, and that Penelope might have something for me.

On tip-toe, I reached across the world to Penelope and our finger tips touched. Now, while I head towards this publication, I am standing in a correct, upright position – feet spread on the floor, shoulder width apart, and toes gently splayed. 

Reading these blog postings have inspired me not only to correct my poor physical habits, but to correct some writing habits as well. 

Like not walking on tippy toe towards the computer when I think I might be onto something.


Teri said...

Oh the lovely Ms. Cowley! How wonderful to glimpse her soul and humor lovingly shared with the rest of us. How luck are we?

Deema said...

What a lovely analogy for our lives. Thanks, Ms. Cowley!

Bijan said...

Looking forward to reading this.
Thanks Brenda Sue.

Robert Scott said...

more please!

Penelope said...

Teri, Deema, Bijan and Robert, thanks for visiting — we'll have the stories ready soon.

Nina said...

Love it, Brenda! Can't wait to read the book.

Anonymous said...

When will it be published? Be sure Auntie H lets me know. nlj

Lorie Palmer said...

Brenda, I have always loved your written words as well as your spoken words. Your soul shines through, as always. Love you ~ Lorie