Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Peace, good will to all people …

And suddenly it was the end of the year. Many things hadn't happened although quite a few had. A hush had fallen over Rosa Mira Books. A new way of operating had been thought up and was on the point of being discussed here. A new website was being configured, new books considered ... and then Christmas arrived. The rest will have to wait. Hooray for 2015.

Thank you to all Rosa Mira's exceptional authors, readers and enthusiasts. We wouldn't exist without you.

Grateful for all that has come to pass, letting go for now of all that hasn't, let's go and enjoy our loved ones and holidays. Lie back and read heaps. Make some moments more sacred than others. Tread lightly, with bare feet. Treat ourselves kindly and let the fun shine in.

See you in the new year.