Sunday, 10 October 2010

Take a look

It's possible that the final paragraph of The Glass Harmonica: A Sensualist's Tale has at last been tweaked to perfection, just in time for the stylist and the proofreader who advance like lawn-mower and garden roller upon the author and editor.

And look!

The cover image was hand-painted by Christine Buess of Longacre Press fame, designed, more or less, from a description of Henry's waistcoat with its pièce de résistance, the tomato, or pomme d'amour.

Dani Wright has cooked up a marketing plan that includes Rosa Mira going seriously online. Soon. The inevitable is imminent and I'm almost ready for it. We have some plans on the front cooker in the U.S. too. Kind of exciting.

Meanwhile, thanks to Helen Heath's weekend reading round-up I've found a couple of expansive articles on Why Readers Hate DRM (digital rights management) and The Future of Publishing Takes Shape on Faber's blog, The Thought Fox. Points pondered in the latter include the editorial process which I am pleased to state will be Rosa Mira's strong suit in an industry that has been forced to reduce its editing TLC in recent years.

It's possible the website will go live this week. You'll hear it first here.


Claire Beynon said...

Oh, Pen

This 'new arrival' - yours, Dorothee's & your loving support crew - has just brought on unexpected tears from me at 22 . . joy and admiration is what they're about; belief, too, in the 'rightness' of this place you're creating and tending with such care.

L, C x

Penelope said...

Aah.Thank you, Claire. There's a potent mixture of fright, thrill and calm here at 37. x

Tim Jones said...

It is all looking - and sounding - very, very good!

Penelope said...

Glad you think so, Tim. Step by step we go.

Helen said...

Thanks for the link :-)