Thursday, 7 April 2011

It is warmer

Up here north of Auckland you can swim in the sea without gasping, even in April. Then you can walk back to the cottage you're house-sitting and go on with your work, swivelling often to take in the sky's drama played out on the sea.

Two generous people I want to mention before we go off to yet-another beach: Emma of Snowblog is giving away "two whitepapers on eBooks: how to create and how to sell". I'm always on the lookout for new hints and tips so big thanks to Emma who's a publisher at Snowbooks: "a feisty, award-winning independent book publisher" in the UK.

Danielle Wright has done a sterling job here in NZ publicising Rosa Mira Books and the launch of The Glass Harmonica. It hasn't been an easy road, since NZers are only slowly finding their way to digital reading, and then there was the earthquake, shoving weeks' worth of news aside. Anyway she has a new website and you can check out what she has to offer on The Wright Press.

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