Tuesday, 9 August 2011

100 were turned away!

Dorothee Kocks, author of The Glass Harmonica: a Sensualist's Tale has been working hard and having a ball. Last month she read at 'an intimate soirée' at the Portsmouth Athenaeum, which features in the novel. Alongside the reading was a glass harmonica recital of classical and folk pieces, by Alisa Nakashian-Holsberg, one of only a dozen performers in the world today.

Dorothee writes: RiverRun Books, a community force for good in Portsmouth, hosted a signing event the next day during a summer festival. Lots of people came through to see the instrument that once was banned.

And what were they signing? you may ask (an ebook?). In fact, the events previewed the paperback release of the novel, which is officially slated for October but it will be available online soon with links from Rosa Mira Books.

Now, what the girls have been waiting for, an almost full-length glimpse of Dorothee's gorgeous outfit (believe me, her novel is every bit as gorgeous):

 These photos were by Andrew Edgar Photography of Portsmouth.


Claire Beynon said...

This is thrilling, Pen, not to mention Brilliantly Enterprising. BE is something you and your writers share and appear to have in abundance.
Congrats to you and Dorothee.

wv. holoym
Holy Hymn?

Penelope said...

Thanks, Claire. We've snatched our holy hymn from from the ethers but trust the sweet and simple tune will catch on.