Thursday, 1 December 2011

Rat cleared for landing . . .

. . . thanks to another ebook sale.

Over drinks in the hangar after their flight, Ratty admires Lily without her green balaclava.  His gaze travels from her spectacularly utile fingernails to the picture in his mind's eye and back again.

Lily explains that if she seems a little nervous now and then, it's probably because she's the first Pink Fairy Armadillo to voluntarily travel more than a mile or two from the Argentinean grassland tunnels that are her home.

I'm relieved to know that the rat above is not this unfortunate rat.

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Marylinn Kelly said...

Wracked with the sense of adventures missed, thank goodness Isabel today pointed me toward the joy of Ratty...the way time evaporates for me cannot even be supported by quantum physics. Oh, what joy as I read backward to the beginning of the saga. Yes, you really did a wonderful rendering of the dead - and not related - rat from the garden. For the birthday on the 8th of my brother in West Australia, I'd like to post some sort of link (and illustration), fully credited, if that would be okay and may just plunge ahead, assuming your generous permission. Thank you. xo Marylinn