Thursday, 26 April 2012

Walking the dog

Ratty's crossed the Tasman, leaving Lily and the ratadilloes camping out while he takes charge of a very large dog whose owners are away. He quite likes the 'don't-mess-with-me' feeling it gives him to step out with Maximus. He carries a tennis ball in a string bag, to throw on the beach. Max ploughs up the sand, chasing the ball, which gives Ratty's tail a few minutes' break.

This week Elena Bossi interviewed Tim Jones about his Slightly Peculiar Love Story 'Said Sheree'. You can read that interview on Elena's blog, Teoría y Crítica Literaria. Yes, it's in Spanish but what do you think a dashboard translator is for?

This week I've made contact with my trans-Tasman counterpart, Really Blue Books, 'Australia's first independent digital-only trade publisher'. Well, we've exchanged emails, one each, but with excitement that we've found someone else to talk with about the journey thus far. Check out the website; I like their attitude.

Slightly Peculiar Love Stories author Coral Atkinson wrote a story for Anzac Day about returning her father's war medal collection to Ireland. It appeared here on Beattie's Book Blog.

I like Dan Blank's blog. He's a generous encourager of authors and independent publishers. Here's his latest exhortation to remember what matters on this creative ride.

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