Thursday, 2 August 2012

'Here comes the sun'

Although Amigas is not set out chronlogically, the story begins in 1969 when two teenaged girls, Claudia and Jude, from Argentina and New Zealand, find themselves stranded by fog in the international airport in Rome. Drawn together by unease and a sense of adventure, they strike up a friendship.

Elena (2nd from R) con los amigos                         Photograph by David Otero
To entertain you while you wait (how about Monday for the release of the ebook? — let's see if we can do it) here are photos of the authors at 17 or so — in my case the only teen photo I can find. Claudia and Jude when they first meet are 14, but they go on corresponding into their early twenties.

Penelope (centre) and friends

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