Monday, 29 October 2012

Rat on a Roundabout

In time for the next ebook, Ratty has been coaxed back into the picture, or onto the horse, at least. He's looking a little stiff and neither right nor left, but I feel sure that the rocking motion and jingle-jangle of the carousel will lighten him up and have him back on the job he was born for: seducing readers into buying Rosa Mira Books while having as much fun as possible.

The merry-go-round horse alludes to Rosa Mira Books' next publication, a collection of three short stories by Dunedin writer Sue Wootton. Sue is a poet and fiction writer of flair, precision, wit and depth, the author of three volumes of poetry, most recently By Birdlight. She was Robert Burns Fellow in creative writing at Otago University in 2008 and has won numerous awards and accolades for her work. Her collection, The Happiest Music on Earth, will inaugurate Rosa Mira's 10k series. The rat will give a few more hints about Sue's stories soon.

Meanwhile, it's great news that the New Zealand Post Book Awards are now accepting original ebooks to be judged alongside hard copy titles. It seems important to step up and enter Rosa Mira's one eligible title for this year.

As for the 10K series, if you're a writer, do consider making a submission, and thanks to those who've done so already. If you're a reader, follow the rat.


Jayne said...

Boy, Ratty sure has been on the roundabout, eh? I can relate! I kind of have, too. AWOL. Exciting news about the E-books inclusion in NZP's Book Awards! I wish you all the best with it.

It's awful hard to resist a 10k I don't have to run. I am still considering... I'm thinking about reworking some pieces I published on SubSol. Must it be an unpublished work? Thinking, thinking... ;)

Penelope said...

Thanks, and please do (submit), Jayne. I am interested in unpublished work, unless it were three stories, say, one of which had been published and two hadn't. But I'm hoping not to receive tooo many short story entries; my preference will be for one solid piece of 10k.