Friday, 25 January 2013

New book launched today!

Ratty offers floral congratulations to Sue on the publication today of her exceptional collection, The Happiest Music on Earth. The three stories demonstrate Sue's versatility, her penetrating eye for the dynamics of human aspiration and foible, her skill as a wordsmith and story-teller.

There's Earle who leaps through light and shadow between the lure of his beautiful longings and the heavy footfall of his father; Margaretha whose life is tainted by her husband's alchemical experiments with urine; Lily's mother who see shapeliness waiting to emerge from raggedy rosebushes and from a gangly half-grown daughter, shapeliness that's threatened by a Saturday morning incident on the soccer field.

Congratulations, Sue, and many thanks for allowing Rosa Mira to share your work here. May it fly swiftly forth, find perch and purchase in its many readers, entrancing them all with its fine-tuned repertoire.

The Happiest Music on Earth is available here.

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