Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Up to tricks

I'm going to have to be quick: the trackpad sensor and therefore the cursor at RMB homebase are suddenly very ticklish. They allow a few minutes of sensible communication then out of the blue, documents and applications are flying open, sentences are and words being spliced and sndwiched a, tempers frayed and snapping  see — what I mean?
However, at the risk of repeating myself, good things are about to be served. The Linen Way is almost ready for formatting. It's fabulous to have both embedded and linked readings by Melissa in the ebook, and a video fragment of her reading at Radcliffe College in 1987. Goodness, what a beautiful young woman she was, no matter how dangerously ill. Early July, yu lovely,  hoeringv radre aargh, reage  eagerly hovering readers.

And as soon as I have this cursor under a modicum of control, or yikes, a new laptop, I'll post the Q&A with Martin Edmond that's ready and waiting, his 10k essay being likewise almost ready for formatting. No links, no spit or polish; I'm hitting Publish.

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