Tuesday, 22 October 2013

"spare, gorgeous memoir"

'Melissa Green is often called a “poet’s poet,” but this is a memoir that will haunt every reader — even those who have never read any poetry.' (Surely there aren't many of those in the world?)

So reads a new five-star review for Melissa Green's The Linen Way in San Francisco Book Review.

I heard this week that Martin Edmond, author of the essay Winged Sandals was awarded the (New Zealand) 2013 Prime Minister's Literary Award for non-fiction. The awards are made 'in recognition of outstanding contribution to New Zealand literature'. Congratulations, Martin!

Three new 10k ebooks are in production: three stories by Carolyn McCurdie; a short novella by Lynn Davidson, and an essay by H.T.R. Williams. I'll be introducing these three, if you don't know them already, over the next few weeks.


Melissa Green said...

Congratulations, Martin and Penelope! Wonderful news!

Penelope said...

Hi Melissa, yes, he's good at what he does. And so are you. Great reviews! xox