Friday, 17 January 2014

A dangerous liaison

Last time Ratty (Rosa Mira's Public Relations Department) deigned to put himself in the public eye it was to give you a glimpse of Lynn Davidson's forthcoming 10k publication, a novella, The Desert Road. See here.

After skiving off for most of the summer, he's back and limbering up to launch three 10k ebooks in the last week of January. The second is the essay, Angel of Reshaping: Fifteen Years of Alienation. Author H.T.R. Williams (Hayden) came to New Zealand fifteen years ago from Wales. Not long afterwards, he developed a psychosis that would lead him to some dark (and dare I say it, some darkly funny) places from which he nevertheless returned with treasure that has added to his art compassion, insight and a kind of ruthless humour:

Too worthy to wear any lesser colour than orange [I plan] a wardrobe entirely of orange clothes, the wardrobe itself painted orange.  … ‘You seem to have undergone a radical change in appearance,’ says the doctor. He thoughtfully chews the end of his pen, stares out over the tops of his bifocals at Matthias Grunewald’s 'The Crucifixion': an image of the fifteenth-century oil painting has been printed onto the front of my bright orange sweatshirt. ‘It’s a little concerning, I must say,’ he says, picking up the phone and asking the nurse to come through.

H.T.R lives in Dunedin and you can read more about his work on his website. And we'll be writing more in the next few days, introducing, Carolyn McCurdie's three short stories and interviewing the three 10k authors.

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