Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Galloping on

It's a week now since Rosa Mira Books went online, and we've had the chance to iron out a wrinkle or two, hear some happy murmurs from early readers, and plan for the youtube trailer we're having made in Berlin, of all places. Gloves will be peeled from slender hands, and wet fingers poised over spinning glasses; the eerie tones of the glass harmonica will help us announce the novel to the reading world.

Launching the site and The Glass Harmonica: A Sensualist's Tale was excting, if a mite chaotic when I tried to add a skype conference to the mix. Still, we had time to hear from author Dorothee Kocks and assembled friends in Utah, and to sense again the international quality of our endeavours. Thank you to all who raised their glasses, mugs, or hats at that moment, wherever in the world you were. The name Rosa Mira brought a few roses through the front door, not to mention lilies and other floral delights. I was floating that first twenty-four hours on a cloud of benevolence, and thought about the many people who have been vital to this journey, starting with the terrific women of Longacre Press who published my YA fiction and memoir, and employed me as editor, during which years I learned to trust my critical capacities, and to deepen my knowledge of the craft of writing.

There's more to be said (I'll be back soon), but even more to be done — I'm going to have to figure out how to bend time to manage it all. Tips are welcome.

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