Wednesday, 4 January 2012

A piquant new year to you, too

Since the New Zealand Listener has just published a story 'The e-book case' that includes two small paragraphs about Rosa Mira Books (with photos of five pioneering males and one female model), I've hoisted the gooseberry flag to signal that Rosa Mira Books is rousing itself from summer somnolence and reviving activity, as of now. I'm going to give the fomatter a poke, to see if he's home from holiday and able to make the very last tweak to Michael Jackson's Road Markings: An Anthropologist in the Antipodes, so that review copies can be sent out forthwith, and the book made available for sale, not as I'd thought on Rosa Mira's first birthday on January 11th, but ten days later.

I hope you're all having the kind of new year start you want. Some of you might even have a new reading device. I've begun to use the iPad for reading at last, but I think that long-term I'll be looking for something lighter on the wrists, something with the weight (and flex, please inventors) of a small paperback.

I'm not sure where the rat is. Rumour has it he and Lily got hitched in Tristan de Cunha.  Ratadillos? That'll stretch my drawing skills. I'll definitely have to sell a book or two to get in the mood for that nest of critters.


Tim Jones said...

That's excellent news about the mention in the Listener story. (I may have to start buying the Listener again!)

Tristan da Cunha is quite a long way away. I hope you sell enough books to fund the lovebirds' (hmmm, maybe not the right term) return journey.

Penelope said...

Yes, Tim, I was almost impressed to be included (now, I must get around to reading the article). A sale has paved the way for the return of the wanderers (the pink ironing board is cheap to run: fuelled by eggshells dissolved in a soupcon of nail polish remover).