Thursday, 12 January 2012

Two birthdays

In true summer style, I managed to overlook the fact of Rosa Mira Books's first birthday yesterday. On 11.1.11, both the website and Dorothee's captivating novel, The Glass Harmonica, were launched amidst high excitement.

Perhaps it's fitting that I forgot the birthday until today, 12.1.12. since in the early hours of this morning, faint mewings were heard in a boat shed on Tristan de Cunha as the world's first ratadillos were born. Within hours they were seen peering from Ratty and Lily's holiday accommodation — a muffin of a nest elegantly reinforced with a handful of dog treats and Aunty Dillo's jewels, and perched atop a drum uncannily like one in the house where the artist is staying.

You saw them first here.
Suggestions are being taken for names. In fact, if your name is chosen by Lily the Pink for either of her infants, you are entitled to a free copy of the Rosa Mira publication of your choice.

Meanwhile, reviewers are being sought for Road Markings: An Anthropologist in the Antipodes, to be published in nine days on the palindromic 21.1.12. It's an interesting exercise. Michael is highly respected internationally as a poet and prose writer, and as an anthropologist, but digital reading is still ticklish territory — some publications aren't ready to review digital-only; some are still discussing it; one or two are jumping right in. The American Ethnologist said this morning : 'Anything by Jackson is always worth a look.'  If any of my readers would care to jump in, let me know, and I'll send you a copy for review.


Jayne said...

Oh my goodness, they are adorable! Welcome to the world, sweet ratadillos. And a very happy blogaversary to you, Penelope!

I had to do a little research for their name's sake, and found, how shall I say, a not as pretty cousin of theirs, the Pink Fairy Armadillo. In any event, I'm going to throw these names in the hat: Dasy and Chord (truncated armadillo classifications).

Although, I'm convinced that your two ratadillos have their own very unique origin and family. I would think they defy classification. ;)

Penelope said...

Thank you, Jayne, and well spotted — they are in fact the offspring of a PFA — Lily was first introduced here:
Dasy and Chord are going to be dropped into the Big Bag of Names for Lily to draw from in a day or two.

Pam Morrison said...

Hello and welcome to the virtual world you dear wee pair. You share a birthday with my 89 year old mother. In honour of this remarkable coincidence, might I suggest Isobel and Margaret for you and you. px

Penelope said...

Isobel and Margaret: into the bag. The boy ratadillo would probably not object to either in his first months of life, but might prefer Is or Gar as he entered his rat-teens. On behalf of L the P, thank you IM and PM for the honour. A decision will be made soon.