Monday, 20 February 2012

Isgar and Dasychord

I strode up to the shop today, thinking that the NZ Listener had posted a review of Road Markings . . . Well, it's a big step, that they're planning to review a digital-first book at all. Good on them. However, I had my wires crossed and no review appeared this week. I'll be on tenterhooks on Mondays until it does. Meanwhile, readers have loved the ebook (one wrote yesterday, 'I felt quite bereft when I finished it') and you can read (and hear) more about it, and Michael, in the blog posts preceding this.

And what's become of the Rat? Fatherhood has been a potent distraction, especially since Lily has taken one of the ratadillo twins back to the pampas to show him off to the wider fairy armadillo family, leaving Ratty with the other.

Remember, I asked for names? Congratulations and thanks go to Jayne and Pam who each offered two possibilities, from which Lily has plucked the component parts to make . . .  well, you've read the names in the title. Isgar is in Argentina. Dasychord is alarmingly quick on the uptake and at six weeks of age is thrashing her father at chess. With that strategic little mind sharpening by the day, I hope she might be persuaded to join the Sales Department.


Jayne said...

Oh yeah! Names at last for the ratadillos. They must be thrilled. (Did I tell you that my daughter was nameless for the first two days of her life? We had chosen a name before she was born, but she did not look like the name. Alas, Lulu suits her perfectly.)

I knew Dasychord was a sharp one. ;)

And Isgar. With a name like that, the little ratadillo is destined for greatness.

Penelope said...

I'm sure one of our daughters was nameless for at least two days. Consulting family only added to the difficulty. The name always arrives in the end.
Thanks, Jayne. I'm sure these two are well named — for sharpness and greatness.