Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Review and overview

                                            A pen, not a rolling pin.

The NZ LIstener's review of Road Markings has appeared (March 3-9 2012) and it's a good one. Nicholas Reid has written  . . . actually, it's not a review that lends itself to excerpting, but he calls it  'another drilling into the abscess of New Zealand Pakeha identity.' (In fact the book ponders human identity so I hope that the rest of the reading world won't be put off by this parochial, dental imagery.)

' … a book of much mature wisdom … '

' … often provocative and always a little unsettling in what it says about New Zealanders. As it should be.'

I'm hoping the full review will appear online in a week or so, otherwise, I'll transcribe it for you.

Talking of abscesses, the dog is brewing one beneath her dew claw; we're off to the vet.

Then I'm going offline for a few days and heading for the hills: time to ponder, among other things, Rosa Mira Books — the resources available; projects in the pipeline; possible new directions, and how to go on operating on a teeny tiny budget. (I'm open to suggestions, as well. At least, I think I am.)

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