Monday 12 March 2012

A review and an opportunity

"Road Markings is no ramble and Jackson has much bigger fish to fry than nostalgic recall. In fact, he has a fish about the size of Maui’s ..."

So runs the review two weeks ago in the NZ Listener. You can read the rest here.

 Also. My friend in Argentina, Elena Bossi, has edited a collection of interviews with people of Puna, the high grasslands where Bolivia, Chile and Argentina meet in the Andes. She has worked into the volume poetry and prose originating in the region, along with photos — all of which reveal something of the soul of the people. You can read more about PUNA on my other blog, and you can take your own free copy of the book, which is written in Spanish, here: PUNA in PDF

Elena is a terrific writer who has received accolades for her fiction, criticism and plays so, while I am (as yet!) unable to read this book and to recommend it in its particulars, I know you will be in very good hands. You can read her story 'The Ache' in Slightly Peculiar Love Stories.


Elisabeth said...

Pleased to meet you, Mira. I'm here via Isabel. Any friend of Isabel's as the saying goes, is likely to be a friend of mine, especially one who reads and reviews exceptional books.

Penelope said...

Hi Elisabeth, nice to find you here. I'm actually Penelope, but I've recently been called Rosa, and now Mira, too. I not only read, but have had the recent privilege of publishing exceptional ebooks at
I've just checked out 6th in Line, and and I'm for roses spilling over footpaths. I like your gatepost, too.
Thanks for visiting.