Thursday, 14 March 2013

Smoke signals (pink for 'still here')

As you possibly know, the Rosa Mira Books HQ is temporarily in the Much Warmer North, where those from the cool south can't help swimming daily in tepid water and are also in a quiet delirium of delight at finding a paradisical natural rock garden across the road, where shelly deposits alongside the track seem to indicate that once the tangata whenua (people of the land) sat under its broad and kindly trees to eat their kai moana (food from the sea).
Taken from the top of the largest rock in the garden at the base of which we're staying. In the paradoxical way of modern life, a marine reserve (around the island) and an oil refinery hold hands.
Between dunkings and explorations, final and semi-final polishing goes on to The Linen Way, and some exciting interest has been shown in Melissa's remarkable memoir. Aaron has finished his proofreading of The Siren and I've promised to finish mine tomorrow so that the next 10k publication can go to Caroline the designer.

I've been in communication with Knuckledown Press, a 'small Midwestern literary press' seeking to do pretty much what Rosa Mira Books does, so we're looking at ways to share resources and information, possibly with a common blog. I'll tell you more soon.

Must go and scrub the potatoes.

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