Monday, 20 June 2011

Tea with Lawrence Pun

Fantastic numbers of you have come and browsed the blog over the last couple of weeks — checking out your friends (or yourselves) and making new acquaintances; anticipating the release of Slightly Peculiar Love Stories. As I keep saying (or others say to me, consolingly) these things take the time they take so, my latest mantra is: before the end of June. Meanwhile, let's have a nice cup of tea.

As you sip, I'd like you to meet Lawrence Pun. (The website's in Chinese, I know. And I'm ashamed to say I can't read a word of it, but you might be able to.) Lawrence is a gentle, charming man who lives in Hong Kong. His love story is as deft and delicate as the sulphur butterfly it features. And as tough as the child who dismembers insects out of ferocious curiosity.

Lawrence K L Pun. Photo by Thomas Langdon.

Lawrence is a fiction writer and cultural critic who has authored four fiction works and a number of non-fiction works on urban cultures and films. His writing has been awarded in Hong Kong and beyond. In recent years, his works have gained a wider audience in Mainland China, and some have been translated into English.


Brenda Cowley said...

I am so excited to read Lawrence's story! (I hope it's translated?) I have been to Hong Kong; it was a place that "woke me" from a deep sleep. Parts of me are still "awake" from that trip.


Penelope said...

Interesting, isn't it, how some places have that 'wake-up' effect. For me, Fiji was the first. Not an intellectual awakening, something more basic, but potent And yes, fear not, Lawrence's story is in English. I think you'll like it.

Hugh said...

I recognise that cup. So pleased that it still holds tea. And now it has a digital life, too. Ceci n'est pas une tasse.

Penelope said...

C'est un demi coude en U.