Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Lyndal Adleigh — mystery writer

There are yet more writers of Slightly Peculiar Love Stories, but not all have sent material for the blog, so it's up to me. Who shall I choose today? Eeny meeny miney …

I choose Lyndal Adleigh. Information about Lyndal is scarce but I imagine a cup of tea would go down nicely with Lyndal while I fossick around.

With a slice of tan square and a small pile of paper napkins.

Lyndal is fond of these – not a poached egg, but a cowrie shell.

And is often serenaded at the door:

Lyndal's story well suits the slightly peculiar title — a story of love that, if not quite sublimated, is very neatly transferred. Lyndal's character makes the best of it – as we do – finding love that's manageable and almost good enough.

Editor's notes: no, I am not Lyndal Adleigh.
Yes, the stories are going to be published soon. No, not this week. Next? Let's cross our fingers.


Tim Jones said...

Uisng the techniques explained in my new book, "The Jeffrey Archer Code", I have worked out from an analysis of your blog post that 'Lyndal Adleigh' is actually Lord Jeffrey Archer. In fact, using my method, I can prove that *every author* is Lord Jeffrey Archer, which made proving this particular case a cinch.

But don't tell anyone - my methods are secret.

Yours, Jeff

Penelope said...

Is this called 'birthday privilege', Jeff? Everyone shall be Jeff and we'll have lasagne and pavlova for tea?

Thanks for trying.