Friday, 18 November 2011

Rat on ice

I'm a happy rat.

To make your own ice rink, pop a bowl of soup in the freezer overnight. Take it out next morning and pull on your skates.

 Rosa Mira eBooks are half price for another three days. Following the next purchase, I'll introduce you to my girlfriend.


Tim Jones said...

No sign of the girlfriend yet! Is this a case of "true love waits"?

Isabel Doyle said...

Success!! well almost

I had the same trouble as my previous attempts, but then I clicked on the Glass Harmonic read more and buy link, at which point the buy now button appeared for both it and Slightly P L S

I successfully purchased the S P L S but when I went back to buy the Glass H (thinking in for a penny etc) paypal rejected the credit card it was quite happy to accept first time around.

I look forward to reading S P L S (I remember when you were running the intros to the authors) and to seeing the Rat's girlfriend in the bi-plane!

Best wishes Isabel

Penelope said...

Isabel has brought her up from her burrow, Tim.

Isabel, sorry about all the hassle, but thank you! I have no idea why you've had such trouble but if you could tell me which browser you use, that might give a clue.

Let me know which format you'd like TGH in, and I'll send you a copy.

As you'll see, Ratty is warming up to his bi-plane adventure.

Isabel Doyle said...

Penelope, I tried again to buy GH and this time succeeded! Maybe paypal was suspicious and wanted to make sure the first payment worked? The price has reverted to $11 - you can put the difference against my next purchase!

Thank you for offering to send it to me but you are running a business (are you not?) and you can't give the merchandise away or you won't stay in business for long.

Good luck with the Rat-relationship.
Isabel x

ps my browser is Internet Explorer 7? 8? (whatever the latest one is) but I think the problem is probably my anti-virus software???

Penelope said...

You've worked so hard for your ebook, Isabel, and missed the discount by minutes. I've sent half back . . . thank you!

Isabel Doyle said...

Thank you Penelope - you didn't need to but the refund note has arrived in my in-box.

Isabel xx

Penelope said...

Biplane proper pending. The artist is away for a couple of days, taking the kitset and assembly instructions with her. Stand by.

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