Wednesday, 9 November 2011


Aaah, that's more like it. Thank you, dear buyer.

I'm going to stay here now until the sound of another ebook soaring off to meet its (e)reader drags me from this heavenly tureen.


Tim Jones said...

I have finally caught up with the rat's adventures - and have started posting messages with the tagline "Buy an RMB ebook now or the rat gets it!"

Which may not quite be the angle you are going for, but after the recent incident of the resident rat here in Mt Victoria, I do know what these rats are capable of once they get their feet under the table.

Penelope said...

Yes, I do know what rats are capable of. I tried to euthanise a hemiplegic rat in a small pot with a vial of anaesthetic once, and alas had to bring the hefty OED into play. Ideally RMB's clients would buy the ebooks for their intrinsic value but I endorse your tagline and indeed, the rat, having muscled in and taken over the sales department, will 'get it' if he doesn't 'do it'.
Thanks, Tim.

Tim Jones said...

Thank you - I have now learned a new word!

Penelope said...