Thursday, 20 December 2012

Five things needed for Christmas

 In the southern hemisphere, the working year is drawing to an end. In a few days, New Zealand will hang up its working habits and go en masse to the beach, the hills, the riverside or the backyard. The cities will become havens of quiet. Rosa Mira Books HQ has already taken to the countryside and the company of ducks, opportunistic rabbits, wheeling swallows and morning bellbirds. I'm pretty sure I saw the rat, too, down by the pond, looking for a chance to pinch the duck's pellets.

Talking of ducks, I came across another delectable small Australian publisher which is to put out "an artisan set of Sue Woottons’s poems, hand printed by Canberra hand press printer Caren Florance of Ampersand Duck, forthcoming in early 2013".

The Happiest Music on Earth is being formatted. All digits are crossed that this will be a straightforward conversion so that it's ready before Christmas. Or even for Christmas. I had trouble writing 'for Christmas'. Possibly Ratty would have no such scruples, but I believe that what's needed 'for Christmas' is calm space, warm companionship, meals and stories shared, and time for contemplation of the good that's in the world and how each of us can add to it.

On the other hand, I reckon that Rosa Mira's ebooks add to the good that's in the world, especially if they're read. And enjoyed. And shared. An ebook for Christmas, anyone?


Carolyn McCurdie said...

My e-fingers are itching to get hold of The Happiest Music on Earth. Even after Christmas.
An e-book is the perfect companion on aforementioned beach, riverside etc. No weighty tome to lug, to get crumpled and spilled upon, no wind in the pages losing your place. Go Rosa Mira.

Penelope said...

I'm delighted to know that there are itching e-fingers out there, Carolyn. May I quote your e-thusiasm on FB? (I shall, anonymously for now, thank you!)

Carolyn McCurdie said...

Yes, definitely. Use my comments in any way that might be useful. xx