Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Alright then!

Tomorrow. Slightly Peculiar Love Stories will be released at 5.30 p.m. New Zealand time. Due to the peculiar run-up to this event, I've not made elaborate plans for the day, or even the hour, but intend to send out a newsletter and press release, and to keep commentary flowing on Facebook and Twitter. I hope you'll join us and chip in over the hour or two following the release, and share postings with friends and fellow readers.

I was about to post a teacup here (but, still peculiarly, Blogger tells me this service is currently unavailable), with the suggestion that those who are close to a bottle, teapot or tap, will fill their glass, teacup, mug, or nightcap at the appointed hour (or shortly after, when they wake up) and raise it with a hearty cheer for Slightly Peculiar Love Stories, its talented and charming writers, and its myriad already-beloved readers.

5.30 NZ Standard Time is also (and please correct me if you think I'm wrong):
6.30 a.m. in the UK (sorry about the early wake-up, Tania)
1 p.m. in Kong Kong and Manila
2.30 a.m. in Argentina (sorry, Elena!)
11.30 p.m. in Utah (sorry, Brenda Sue!)
8 a.m. in Israel and Athens

Oh, look, now I'm allowed to post the tea/rum/hot choc/champagne cup.


Claire Beynon said...

Congrats on this delightfully eccentric collection, Penelope. Greetings, too, to my fellow contributing writers. . . I love the thought of us connecting at the same time from our different corners of the globe and smile at the peculiar constellation we make. . .
Thanks all

Penelope said...

You've each been a pleasure and privilege to work with, Claire. I've loved mixing you all up together.

Maxine said...

Penelope, my best wishes for a successful elaunch of the SPL anthology. I have a glass of Quartz Reef Pinot Noir waiting in the wings. It was fun to contribute in a small way to this body of work. Thanks and congratulations! Maxine

Penelope said...

I hope the wine was just the thing, Maxine. Thanks for support and for 'Improvement Projects' — a privilege to have in SPLS.