Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Last but not least (she's been busy)

P says: Okay, J's off carting wood-chips so I've jumped on his laptop to introduce you to Susannah Poole. I first read her story embedded in a longer work which impressed me with its freshness and lightness of touch. I was delighted to meet up again with Susannah via this thoughtful, upbeat story of student politics marrying . . . love?

Susannah says: I wrote my Slightly Peculiar Love Story before I was pregnant with the baby who is now (thankfully) asleep. The story is set in a world I used to live in, in what feels like a totally different lifetime. The nineties. Sometimes I wish I could go in a time machine back to this 'era' and be a fly on the wall. I suspect watching it would bring up a variety of emotions: embarrassment, sympathy, amusement. The closest I could get to a time machine was to write while listening to music that my friends and I played in our flats and through our walkman headphones during that time. At the moment the music I listen to is the music I play to my baby: a Mozart piece that seems to calm her into sleep and a Canadian children's singer named Raffi who my sister and I loved when we were kids. 

Well, Susannah tells me she's photophobic — no, make that photo phobic — so I'll add an illustration from the RMBlog photo album instead … leaping from the '90s to the 1800s, and trotting out the Valentine's Day card we had made for The Glass Harmonica which celebrates, among other things, love's electricity.
Click here to animate these two


Jayne said...

What an adorable e-card. I loved reading this, so... slightly peculiar and peaceful. :-)

Kitchen Benchtops said...

Still a pretty good story, everything is perfect...