Saturday, 23 July 2011

Now that you're here …

… in case you're hunting around for weekend reading, two of our writers have posted on the release of Slightly Peculiar Short Stories. Tania Hershman of the UK has four truly peculiar and tasty short shorts in the collection, while Wellingtonian Tim Jones's 'Said Sheree' (now there's clumsy construction, made clumsier yet by this intrusion) is a sly and funny one with especial appeal to writers. Tania has a celebratory piece on her blog, and Tim gives a hurrah on his here.

Meanwhile, writer and social media maven (yes, I had to look it up: ˈmāvən — a connoisseur or expert, origin 1960s Yiddish)  Helen Heath interviews me on her site about the why and wherefore of Rosa Mira Books, and SPLS.

Smudgy crab-apple without a messsage.


Vespersparrow said...

Congratulations, one and all! This has been so much fun to watch unfold! Now we get to taste the strange brew Penelope has been concocting. Well done, Rosa Mira! xo

Penelope said...

I'm glad it's been more or less entertaining, M. Certainly the ingredients are wonderfully eclectic. Thank you.