Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Penelope, Prudence, Persephone?

No, I'm going to change my name to Patience. And I'm going to invite all the authors of Slightly Peculiar Love Stories to take on the same as a middle name.

Broken computer time has been doubled while (as it turns out) an insurance claim has to be made instead of a quick replacement. Meanwhile I nip onto the chaps' laptops when they're otherwise occupied (washing dishes, hauling firewood) for a quick catch-up and crucial emailing. I'm also going to name my current affliction 'ePublisher's Shoulder' and admit that it has been grateful for the rest. I've had an instructive week or two and it's not over yet.

Anyway, authors have received their copies; a couple of last-minute errors will be fixed; our website manager is poised to launch; a lovely handful of reviewers are ready to unleash their impressions on the reading world … please don't despair (I speak to myself, too).

This afternoon I was quizzed on Otago Access Radio by the effervescent crime writer and radio host Vanda Symon about Rosa Mira Books. Apparently I sounded very animated about both RMB and the impending launch. And so I am. (One of the abovementioned chaps then proceeded to discuss his vivid new children's novel, Wings, and the plight of bees.)

If anyone has any riveting and pertinent thing they'd like to post on this blog while we wait, please let me know.

Meanwhile, for your entertainment (and using a photo already, strangely, on this blog's file), here is a photo of a small portion each of the publisher and one Slightly Peculiar author. This is the kind of thing that goes on when people shut themselves away in off-season Atlantic seaside towns to co-write novels.


Jayne said...

Oh, wouldn't I love to shut myself away in a little seaside town--to write of course.

I love the tatoos! Enjoy your time away from the grid--it will rejuvenate. And good luck with the writing... :-)

Penelope said...

Thanks for coming by, Jayne. May you one day find yourself writing in a little seaside town. Tattoo optional. (As ours were, once soap and water were involved.)