Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Gathering up

I'd like to write a big thank-you list of everyone who's been involved in any way with the production of Slightly Peculiar Love Stories, but I'm a bit anxious about it. What if I leave someone out? And it's likely to be someone so close I take their indispensable self for granted. Maybe I can do it without actually mentioning names.

First (or second — first there was the book idea and title that dropped together into my head one day, but who do I thank for that?) there are the 20 writers and those who introduced us. What a smart, professional, and conscientious lot they are — besides being seriously, subtly, or wildly talented. During the production phase, prizes have been won; books have been published and praised; residencies have been awarded and attended; the writing has gone on.

There's Creative NZ, curious and confident enough to supply funding for this production — I've thoroughly enjoyed sharing that with my cheerful, expert gang of page and cover designers, social media mavens, file formatters and tweakers, and web designers. Not all of them are plural. All of their names can be found in SPLS.

There was a little borrowed house in a warm bay where I swam throughout April and got the MS ship-shape. There have been FB friends who liked and cheered as needed; and Twitters who advised and encouraged; and the hundreds every week who have visited this blog. There have been my family and friends (there are worlds in these words). And the man who has witnessed some chaotic and some truly pathetic moments, but has never failed to offer what he could, from a cuppa or neck massage, to a full sit-down strategy session.

There are those who have offered ongoing help and encouragement, out of interest and benevolence.

There is this computer, which so graciously and mysteriously recovered its health and manners after its tragic breakdown and subsequent trip to Auckland this month.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, all.

Best of all there is an ebook about to be released — at 5.30 tonight, NZ time — Slightly Peculiar Love Stories at Rosa Mira Books. It's full of rich and diverse tales — the savvy, the sad, the sharp, the tender, the triumphant, the fearful, the wistful, the dark, the light, the cruel and the kind. Stories of love. All slightly peculiar. But then, so is love itself.


Mary McCallum said...

The deadline is almost upon you!! Good luck Penelope. And all power to you and your latest fascinating venture.

Brenda Cowley said...

This is thrilling. And I mean the kind of thrill that sets your tummy to the twist and flutter of thundercloud but sun-through skies. A flutter. For ALL the people that are a part of this -- a worldwide community -- but especially you, dear Penelope. Especially you. Love IS in the air, my friend. Big Time.

Brenda Sue

Penelope said...

Thank you, Mary, for supportive words, and Brenda Sue for your tangy love story, too.

Janis said...

Congratulations Penelope! And many thanks for including me in the line-up.

Penelope said...

It's a privilege, Janis. Such a potent love story.

Tim Jones said...

I'm chuffed to be here too!

Tania Hershman said...

Whoo-hoo, congratulations, I'm delighted to be part of it all!

Vespersparrow said...

Congratulatiuons and well done, Penelope!! I'm enjoying The Glass Harmonica so much--I don't want to leave it--but will be looking forward to leaping from that to SPLS. Well done, Rosa Mira! xox

Penelope said...

Chuffed to have you, Tim and Tania. Thank you each and both.

Dear Vespersparrow, what a discerning reader! And thank you.